So you’d like to learn Lightroom? Well I believe I can help you.

I teach workshops and one to one sessions on how to use Lightroom. Lightroom lets us do what could be considered the other half of photography: making your digital pictures even more lovely, but also how to work with files and catalogue them.

Working with Lightroom is like a digital version of developing film and printing it yourself in a darkroom, except there’s no smelly chemicals involved. It is a skill and a craft and it is also great fun. Lightoom can help you keep track of your files (which isn’t all that exciting but it does save you a TON of time) but the really fun part is learning how to bring colour and detail into what might have looked like a fairly drab old image straight out of the camera.

Whether you come to a workshop or we meet for a day of one to one training, you’ll need to have your own laptop with Lightroom installed. I provide a full set of notes for you to refer back to and most people are going to have questions after the training, so as part of the course I include email support for 6 months. It means you can drop me a line if you’re a little bit stuck.

What do you need?

No previous Lightroom experience is required, but even if you’re a new user, you’ll get a lot out of this course. Some photography experience will help, but is not absolutely necessary. Bring a couple of your own RAW or JPEG files to work on. One portrait and one landscape is a good start. I can provide some images, but I know you’ll get much more out of developing your own work.

  • Laptop
  • Adobe Lightroom CC (or version 5) installed. Free demo available – go to for details.

Lightroom Course Overview

The Adobe Lightroom Course is introductory training for this software. It’s recommended for beginners (with or without any experience) and you will either be with other enthusiastic participants if it’s a workshop, or just me (and I’m enthusiastic!) for one to one training. This course begins with the basics of importing your images for the first time, editing them and then exporting them. You will learn all of the basics of Lightroom and feel confident using the programme. By the end of the course you will be able to create retouched colour and black & white photos and prepare print ready photographs. This course will cover portraits and landscapes, and your skills will be transferable to any sort of photographic images in Adobe Lightroom.

Lightroom Course In Detail

So what EXACTLY will you learn on the Lightroom course? Overview of the Lightroom Modules The Library Module

  • Importing files and making a quick backup
  • Organising and marking your files
  • Making collections
  • Metadata for finding your files
  • Geotagging for cameras without GPS
  • Export basics
  • Export with services Watermark
  • Export sharpening, and how to avoid overdoing it
  • Organising and exporting a Slideshow
  • Copy and Paste Develop Setting for groups of images

The Develop Module

  • Understanding the histogram
  • Smart previews
  • Colour tones with white balance
  • Exposure and Contrast – the simple controls
  • Take direct control with tone controls
  • The clarity control
  • Vibrance: colour with a safety net
  • Saturation Curves: power tools for tonemeisters
  • Colour controls
  • Split Toning Sharpening with precision, not just the slider
  • The subtle art of Noise Reduction
  • Lens Correction with profiles
  • Full manual correction for geometry
  • Vignette: you can never have enough cheese
  • Grain, and how to avoid overdoing it


  • Crop & Straighten
  • Creating custom aspect ratios
  • Show some constraint Another chance to be on the level
  • Spot Removal Clone Vs Healing
  • Flying the Red Eye Graduated Filter: it’s not just for ND anymore
  • Radial Filtering Mask Inversion – getting it around the right way
  • The Brush Tool
  • Iris Enhance
  • Skin Soften
  • Dodge and Burn
  • Making your own brush
  • Notes on Printing Printer and Screen calibration

One Day Learn Lightroom Training Cost?

Workshop prices vary, but are usually in the range of 150 – 200 Euros per person. One to one training costs 250 Euros for one day from 9am to 4.30.

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