gIn A Country Churchyard

A couple of weeks ago myself and Jason went to visit his family in East Sussex in the south of England. It’s a really beautiful part of the world. This old church is in Hellingly near Hailsham and was in walking distance from his Mam’s house and was surrounded by a semicircle of very old houses – all occupied. It was incredibly peaceful and seemed like a gorgeous place to have a house, even if it meant having some gravestones in your front garden. You can see more from this set below, just click on the thumbnail for a larger image.
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Dark Illuminated Statue

I took this in a very dark church in a small town in the Tuscany hills. I loved how the face was lit up and the shadow that was cast behind. It’s a hand-held shot and I have to admit that I took several (loads) of this statue in a bid to get what I wanted, but I’m happy enough with this. Baby Jesus’s face is in a bit of a white-out but overall I like this picture and it brings back nice memories of a trip to Tuscany last year.
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Freak Out

These pictures were taken at the funfair in Portrush. The menfolk decided to have a go on the “Freak Out”. I felt sick just looking at it. That’s our friend Michael looking cool as a cucumber. Jason, directly over my head and upside down, pretending to be as cool as a cucumber. The sickening apparatus in full swing.
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