Jennifer Farley in EgyptHello. My name is Jennifer Farley and I am an Irish designer, illustrator and teacher. I have a Masters degree in Design and have been teaching Photoshop and Illustrator for more than twelve years and Adobe Lightroom for four years.  I have been taking pictures since I was child, initially using a little plastic camera with 110mm film. Graduating to an automatic 35mm camera and finally “getting serious” with a manual film SLR in my teens. My father is also a keen photographer and we used to develop photographs in my brother’s bedroom, blocking out sunlight with the blackout curtains and probably causing ourselves mild brain damage with the strong smelling chemicals. Travel photography and informal portraits are my favourite type of image making.

Of course film photography is no longer popular and people are now working with digital cameras and even phones. The physical darkroom has been replaced by Photoshop and Lightroom, both of which I use for my own work and also have the pleasure of teaching. If you would like to know more about the Lightroom training I provide, click here.