The Waterboys


We had the pleasure of going to see Mike Scott and The Waterboys play in the Grand Canal theatre in Dublin last night. Myself and Jason both love the band and have been to see them loads of times. Last night’s gig was called An Appointment With Mr. Yeats and it was absolutely superb, with the poetry and writing of W.B. Yeats set to the band’s music.  Mike is an amazing musician and performer and he and the band received several well deserved standing ovations.



It is pure joy to watch Mike and Steve Wickham spar musically on the stage.




If the band are coming to play anywhere near you, go and see them you will not be disappointed.

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  1. November 08, 2010 by aafke

    I would have loved to be there only for “Come away, human child, to the water and the wild…..” One of the -if not the- best ways to hear it: performed by the Waterboys. Love the athmosphere in the shots.

  2. November 08, 2010 by Jennifer Farley

    Thanks Aafke, it was brilliant and that’s one of my favourite songs too AND they played it : ) Great gig.

  3. November 08, 2010 by pj fogarty

    Great photos,it was a brilliant gig,pity the album isnt out till next september

  4. November 08, 2010 by Jennifer Farley

    Thanks PJ. Yeah the gig was great, I didn’t realise it’s not being released till next year though. Bum.

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