Close Encounters Of The Bovine Kind

Close Encounters Of The Bovine Kind

The big, gorgeous sloppy face of a cow in a field near our house. I think I came close to have a lens salived to death here.

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  1. Love the set Jenny, especially the first image. It’s right there in your face. LOL

  2. Thanks Philip. She got very close alright : )

  3. Hah hah! Jen, these made me smile from ear to ear. Just feicin’ brilliant!

  4. Thanks a million Stephen: )
    she was a good model.

  5. I can feel her lovely grass and clover breath! what a great shoulder shot as well B

  6. I simply love that big nubbly nose!

    I’ve been browsing your photography, seeing your new pups, and your SO’s moustache. I’ve enjoyed my visit AND I’ll be back! Best wishes…

  7. Thanks muchly Bev. Definitely future models in the making.

  8. Thanks very much, Phil. Your visit and comments are much appreciated : )

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