Dursey Island Cable Car

The cable car connects Dursey Island to mainland Ireland. As well as carrying people, it also takes livestock across the 200m stretch of Atlantic. The cable car in these pictures is the new one which replaced the previous “biscuit tin” last year. It is amazingly quiet. When it was passing directly over my head I could actually hear the people inside talking.

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  1. March 02, 2010 by Sinead

    I love the direction sign for Moscow. That’s just too funny.

  2. March 02, 2010 by jennyrusks

    ha, ha Sinead, yeah! Just a few more stops after this one. :-)

  3. March 02, 2010 by Darren

    Beautiful shots. Looks like the best weather too but I have a feeling it might have been cold.

  4. March 02, 2010 by jennyrusks

    Thanks Darren. Yes it was definitely nippy. Had blue hands and face when I got back in the car.

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