Wet Dog (WW1 Memorial Park)

Yesterday myself and Jason joined in on the first Garden Group organised by the lovely Peter Donegan of Donegan Landscape Gardening. The trip was to the WW1 Memorial Park in Dublin which is tucked away near Islandbridge, just across the river from the Phoenix Park. Peter had arranged a tour of the park with one of the gardeners, Craig who looks after it. The tour was really interesting and informative and although the park is not exactly “in bloom” at the moment, it is a gorgeous place to visit at any time of the year.

One of the things I really like about the park was the number of local people out walking their dogs, such as the lady in these photographs. The dogs all seemed to be having little parties and playing with each other and I counted four three-legged dogs (not all together) so there was all kinds of mixers out and about. Thanks a million to Peter and Craig for giving up their Sunday morning to bring the group around and show us the rooms and telling us the history of the park.

There are more pictures from the day up on the site

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    1. February 08, 2010 by Danny

      Brilliant Jennifer. I particularly like the first one!

    2. February 09, 2010 by jennyrusks

      Thanks Danny. Yes it was good fun watching the dog lark about in the water.

    3. February 19, 2010 by peter donegan

      A Chara Jenny,

      just saw this now…. absolutely brilliant pics *and* an absolute pleasure to meet you and Jason :)
      beir bua


    4. February 19, 2010 by jennyrusks

      We had a great time Peter, thanks for organising. Looking forward to the next trip already!

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