Our first crop from the compost bin

We found these babies growing in our compost bin which we opened yesterday after about a year of composting. We weren’t really expecting to find stuff growing in there and feel very much like Tom and Barbara from The Good Life. We are very pleased with our harvest. Ate them yesterday for dins and so far so good. Only mild head spasms…

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  1. July 06, 2009 by Meredyth Young

    Oddly, the photo never uploaded. I hope the crop was better.

  2. July 07, 2009 by jennyrusks

    Oh yeah, the whole world’s a critic. So you want titles on the blog posts AND photographs? Hmmm.

    Actually I’m just doing some tidying up on this site and I need to sort out some bits and pieces.

  3. April 19, 2010 by peter donegan

    love it!
    and there’s people going out to buy seed potatoes :lol:

    a potato is after all a potato
    beir bua

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